Andsec Security Conference

5th Edition

June 3-4, 2017 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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We're not just about the talks, but the complete experience. During the conference there will be extra activities for you to join:


Organized by the RTFM team (, it consists of mix of different technology knowledge, such as reverse engineering, programming / development, cryptography, malware analysis, web attacks, and many more. The challenges are organized in a jeopardy model. Each type of challenge gets you different flags. The winner title will be bestowed to the team or individual who gets more flags first.

It will be held above the main stage, on the first floor.

Registration for the CTF will open on May XXth.

The CTF will open on Saturday June 3rd, at 11 am and end on Sunday June 4th, at 1 PM.

The winner will have to write a report showing the steps taken to win the CTF, and will have to present it live, on the main stage, at closing.

We will give out prices for 1st and 2nd places.

Badge Puzzle:

Organized by Mkit Argentina ( If you're more into the artistic, philosophical, lateral thinking kind of games, we have that waiting for you too. You will have to gather the clues that are spread across the conference, crack the codes, and follow the lead to claim your prize.


Want to dig deep into something interesting? We have lined up a couple of free 2-hour workshops:

- Camping survival techniques: Organized by Hamping ( All the tools and ways of building your own camping equipment in a simple and cheap way, by only using commonly found objects.

- Cheap antenna building: Organized by Hamping ( and SASOConf ( Come and put together your very own biquad or yagi antenna, for less than 10 usd and using your own hands, as it should be :)

The workshops will be held on the ground floor.

Lockpick Village:

Organized by the TOOOL Association ( Not everything relies on computers. Physical keys still play an important role in the protection of our information. And their functionality is so primitive that it's very easy to break it. Feel free to stop by and put your lockpicking skills to the test.

Oldies Station:

A whole stand full with old technologies and fun games to play with them, organized by the oldest hacker communities in Argentina.

Open Talks:

If you didn't make it into the Speaker list but still want to give that awesome talk you've been holding on to, this is your chance. Just write the title of your talk on the board, and be there at the time slot you picked. Think of a cool and interesting title, though!

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